‘An Efficient and Resilient GST’, Address to TTPI Crawford School

16 September 2015

Introductory remarks Good morning everyone, it's wonderful to join such an eminent audience to open this discussion about GST reform. I understand you will be discussing questions that are fundamental to reforming the GST, including issues around integrity, design and the economic effects of the GST in the real world. These issues go to the […]

‘The Government’s Tax Agenda’, Address to the Queensland Tax Forum

27 August 2015

Good morning everyone and thank you to The Tax Institute for inviting me to open your inaugural Queensland Tax Forum today. As the leader in tax education, The Tax Institute is renowned for the practical focus of its programs which help professionals to immediately apply their learning in the workplace. So it's a great pleasure […]

Address to the Governance Institute

26 August 2015

I’d like to begin by thanking the Governance Institute, and its CEO, Tim Sheehy, for hosting this significant event. My apologies for not being with you in person; this week I’ll be accompanying the Prime Minister on his trip to the Torres Strait Islands, as part of the PM’s commitment to spend a week every […]

Address to the Inaugural Workplace Super Specialists Australia Conference

26 August 2015

Good morning everyone, it’s a pleasure to be speaking at the inaugural Workplace Super Specialists Australia conference. Let me first say that I am sorry I cannot be there in person.  I was looking forward to engaging in a discussion with you about the financial services reforms the government is pursuing.  This week I’ll be […]

‘The future of super’, Address to The Tax Institute, Sydney

21 August 2015

Introductory remarks and acknowledgements Good morning – it’s a pleasure to be with you. It is great to see a room full of people who are at the coal face of helping Australians with their superannuation. Can I say that your Institute, the Tax Institute, is recognised in Canberra as an expert body of tax […]

‘The government’s priorities for the financial services sector’, Address at the Financial Services Council Annual Conference, Gold Coast

7 August 2015

Introductory remarks and acknowledgements Good morning everyone, it’s great to be with you again. I’d firstly like to congratulate the Financial Services Council (FSC) on what has, by all reports, been an outstanding conference so far. It has been characterised by an enthusiastic exchange of ideas, which is how true innovation emerges — the type […]

‘Extending the Australia-Japan relationship through financial services’, Address to the Australia Japan Business Cooperation Committee, Tokyo, Japan

9 June 2015

Introductory remarks and acknowledgements Ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by extending my warm thanks to the Australia Japan Business Cooperation Committee for inviting me to speak. I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Takashi Morimura, Deputy President and Group CEO, Global Banking, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Geoff Lloyd, in his capacity […]

Address to the Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

3 June 2015

Introduction Good morning and thank you David for that kind introduction. It’s a pleasure to be here today and to have the opportunity to formally acknowledge the establishment of the Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes. This Committee, I know, will be a valued contributor to the retirement income policy debate. Sitting before me now are […]

‘The Government’s financial system reform priorities’, Address to the 2015 Annual Stockbrokers Conference, Hilton Sydney

29 May 2015

Introductory remarks and acknowledgements Ladies and gentlemen, I’m delighted to be here with you today at the 2015 Annual Stockbrokers Conference. It is great to see so many industry participants getting together to discuss the state of your sector and to raise and address the issues that you face in a constructive environment. I would […]

Speech to the Financial Services Council BT Breakfast

15 April 2015

Introductory remarks Good morning. Thank you for going out of your way to attend this early morning event! And thanks to the Financial Services Council for inviting me to speak today. The Financial Services Council plays a vital and important role in representing your industry, and by contributing to the policy debate around economic and […]

Address to the Minerals Council of Australia Biennial Tax Conference

27 March 2015

Introductory remarks Good morning and thank you, Brendan (Pearson, Session Chair), for the opportunity to speak at this event with so many other eminent players in the sector. The Minerals Council of Australia, of course, is a significant voice in the public sphere and makes an important contribution to the development of policy. The MCA’s […]

‘Facing the Future: Australia’s Economic Priorities’, Address to the State Library of Victoria’s ‘Big Ideas Under the Dome’ Series

11 March 2015

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, friends. I’m delighted to be here with you at the State Library of Victoria, an important and significant institution in the public life of our city and state. When the library was established in 1856, the colony of Victoria was at the heights of its gold rush prosperity. Victorians were […]

Keynote address to the Insurance Council of Australia

27 February 2015

Thank you for inviting me to deliver the keynote address to the 2015 Insurance Council of Australia Regulatory Update. The Insurance Council has an important role as an advocate, partner and educator in addressing key issues in the general insurance industry. Our shared goal is to deliver the best possible outcomes for Australian businesses and […]

Address to the SMSF Association, Melbourne

20 February 2015

Thank you Andrea for that kind introduction, and to Peter Crump, the Chairman of the Board. Our financial services industry and superannuation system are world-class and play an important role in our economy. The figures speak for themselves: $1.9 trillion in superannuation assets and $2.4 trillion in managed fund assets. The financial services industry contributes […]