National Press Club Address

3 April 2019

Well, thank you very much, Sabra. Firstly, can I acknowledge the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack and the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. Thank you for the incredible work that you have done. To my ministerial colleagues who are here, to the secretaries of the Department of PM&C, Treasury and Finance, thank you to the professionalism,  […]

Budget speech 2019-20

2 April 2019

Introduction Mr Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. Tonight, I announce that the Budget is back in the black and Australia is back on track. For the first time in 12 years, our nation is again paying its own way. We have made real progress, but we know the […]

Address to the Sydney Institute, ‘Creating opportunity and encouraging aspiration: The key to a growing economy and a stronger Australia’

22 January 2019

"Aussie Rules: what Australia can teach the world", screamed the headline of The Economist last November. An in-depth analysis of the Australian economy and our remarkable 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth. A growth story which both sides of politics have contributed to. It has been on the Coalition's watch that the GST was introduced, […]