Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra

21 September 2018

JOSH FRYDENBERG: Leading credit agency, Standard & Poor's has provided a strong endorsement of the Australian economy, reaffirming our AAA credit rating and removing us from negative watch. Australia is one of only 10 countries around the world that has a AAA credit rating from the three leading agencies; S&P, Moody's and Fitch. And this […]

Interview with Alan Jones, Breakfast, 2GB and 4BC

21 September 2018

ALAN JONES: Josh Frydenberg, good morning. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Nice to be with you Alan. ALAN JONES: Thank you. I sent you those criticisms, and they are very significant. What is your response to them? JOSH FRYDENBERG: They were criticisms largely about Australia signing on and staying signed onto the Paris Accord. I did have a […]

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, RN Drive, ABC Radio National

20 September 2018

PATRICIA KARVELAS: Josh Frydenberg is the Federal Treasurer, welcome back to RN Drive. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Nice to be with you Patricia. PATRICIA KARVELAS: So the Government is spending an additional $4.5 billion on independent schools. Why was that additional funding necessary and what does it achieve beyond ending the war with the Catholic schools? JOSH […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, RN Breakfast, ABC Radio National

17 September 2018

FRAN KELLY: Josh Frydenberg, welcome to Breakfast. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Good morning to you, Fran. FRAN KELLY: Can we go to the Aged Care Royal Commission first. There's been several major enquiries and investigations into this sector, the Government's already putting a tough cop on the beat to maintain standards, it's the new body called the […]

Interview with Alan Jones, Breakfast 2GB and 4BC

13 September 2018

ALAN JONES: May I say, good morning to you. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Good morning to you. I’m blushing after that introduction. I’m afraid my mum’s not listening to this. ALAN JONES: Never mind, you are blushing for other reasons. They have all had a rough night in Canberra. It was the, what ball do they call […]

Interview with Barrie Cassidy, Insiders, ABC TV

9 September 2018

BARRIE CASSIDY: Josh Frydenberg, welcome. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Good morning, Barrie. BARRIE CASSIDY: We'll start with the National Accounts. So the Prime Minister has conceded this, that there aren't many Australians who aren't feeling the benefits. Why is that? JOSH FRYDENBERG: There are Australians who are doing it tough, like the drought-stricken farmers that the Prime […]

Interview with Sabra Lane, AM, ABC Radio National

6 September 2018

SABRA LANE: Josh Frydenberg, welcome to the program. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Good morning. SABRA LANE: If growth's going gangbusters, why are so many Australians not feeling so good? JOSH FRYDENBERG: Well, more than one million Australians are feeling better for having a job under the Coalition. We've seen record jobs growth, more than 400,000 jobs created […]

Interview with Karl Stefanovic, Today Show, Channel 9

6 September 2018

KARL STEFANOVIC: Josh, good morning to you. How is your timing? You arrived at the party just in time for pin the tail on the donkey. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Yes, well obviously a lot of work is behind those numbers including our policies that are driving more employment. We're creating more than 1,000 jobs a day, […]

Interview with David Koch, Sunrise, Channel 7

6 September 2018

DAVID KOCH: Treasurer, thanks for joining us. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Good to be with you. DAVID KOCH: Julie Bishop does have a point on this. Do you think the Liberal Party or Parliament should introduce workplace behaviour policies like we all have to do in the rest of the world? JOSH FRYDENBERG: I think Julie Bishop […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, Money News, Macquarie Radio

5 September 2018

ROSS GREENWOOD: Many thanks for your time, Josh. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Nice to be with you, Ross. ROSS GREENWOOD: I should say, many thanks for your time, Treasurer. Just, let's go through the National Accounts. You would be pleased, absolutely delighted, I would imagine at the rate of economic growth in Australia today. JOSH FRYDENBERG: I […]

Press conference, Parliament House, Canberra

5 September 2018

JOSH FRYDENBERG: Today's National Accounts for the June quarter 2018 highlights the strength and the resilience of the Australian economy, which is in its 27th year of consecutive economic growth. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, real GDP grew by 0.9 per cent in the June quarter 2018, which was above median market expectations. […]

Interview with Neil Mitchell, Mornings, 3AW

27 August 2018

NEIL MITCHELL: Josh Frydenberg, good morning. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Nice to be with you, Neil. NEIL MITCHELL: Are you still a bit stunned? JOSH FRYDENBERG: Well, it did all happen very quickly. Clearly, I wouldn't have liked to come to this role in the circumstances which occurred over the past week because I did support Malcolm […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, AM Agenda, Sky News

27 August 2018

KIERAN GILBERT: Joining me is the new Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, and you were there as the senior member of government to see Peter Dutton sworn in again as Home Affairs Minister. It's been quite the week, but he's got a commitment with the Five Eyes intelligence ministers later today. Treasurer? JOSH FRYDENBERG: Yeh, I'm really […]

Interview with Jon Faine, Mornings, ABC Radio Melbourne

27 August 2018

JON FAINE: Josh Frydenberg, good morning, congratulations. JOSH FRYDENBERG: Nice to be with you, Jon. JON FAINE: What was that about last week? JOSH FRYDENBERG: Well, look there was a leadership change, I have to say, it came to me as something that was unexpected. Malcolm Turnbull was heading in the right direction, that being […]